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Are you looking for remarkable Scion vehicles to purchase? Do you want an affordable Scion vehicle that is pre-owned but is in excellent condition and functions like brand new? Or are you simply looking out for a service provider to over-haul, repair or customize your existing scion vehicle?

Then look no more because PEORIA SCION STORE has it all for you.

Scion is an extended brand of Toyota that was manufactured starting in 2003 to make an appeal to younger generation customers. It features affordable sport compact vehicles that focused on improved handling and increased performance by engine efficiency. It has also a great appearance that is easily modified to adopt a new and more improved look.

After the release of its 2016 model, however, the brand was discontinued with some of their older models such as the FR-S, iA, and iM re-branded as Toyota models.

Due to the discontinuation of the manufacturing of the brand, it is now hard to find the then most-sought after top-of-the-line Scion vehicles. But in Peoria, Peoria Scion Store might still have it for you!

Through the years of love for Scion vehicles, Peoria Scion Store has maintained a large collection of pre-owned Scion cars. We still have it from the first generation box-shaped 5-door hatchback Scion xb up to some of the later models. All of these in perfect conditioned and well-maintained under a weather-stripper and insulated garage doors brought to you by only the best garage door provider in town – A1 Garage Door Service Peoria.

For more inquiries or to check on the available Scion cars in our garage doors, call us now and we’ll walk you through the cars we have. You can expect only the best customer service from us.

We are open from 8-9PM from Mondays to Fridays and until 2PM on Saturdays. Just book your appointments and we’ll be ready to serve you.