About Us

Peoria Scion Store specializes on selling pre-owned Scion-brand vehicles.

Founded by Sebastian Lucas in 2005, since then, we are already dedicated in serving the needs of Scion cars enthusiasts. We do it all, from selling high-quality parts, to repair and over-hauling services, up to customization and modifications to meet the standards of every individuals.

For a newly established company local in Peoria, it is not easy to make our way towards the top. Back to back competition is given, but to compete with companies who are already established and known is hard. But we managed through our dedication, hard work and the quality of service we provide.

Also, with the business acumen innate in Lucas, we are now the best service provider for not only Scion cars but of other brands as well. We are a team to beat in terms of knowledge, skills and passion for our craft.

Lucas expanded into selling high-quality parts just a few months after the establishment of the company. That gave us the room to be recognized by many for providing high-quality Scion parts. It immediately catapulted us to the top of the competition with hundreds of customers who trusted us due to the satisfaction we bring.

Now, starting from one car, we are already able to keep more in our collection of pre-loved Scion cars for our customers. Each and every one is checked thoroughly and ensured that in good condition before being sold. We value customer’s satisfaction that is why, our number one goal is to simply give them the best products and services they deserve.

Now, due to our continued excellent service, we are now the best Scion Store in Peoria and the one to beat. We only promise that we will continue to be as we expand more and specialize on other brands.