Scion Cars and Car Parts

Peoria Scion Store is dedicated in providing you with Scion car models that are in extremely good condition. These are pre-loved cars that function just like new.

We have a team of well-skilled mechanics and technicians that are dedicated in keeping all of our Scion cars in a good working condition. They are dedicated that all the car parts are intact and well-maintained.

We also sell various Scion car parts. Due to the halt in the manufacturing of this brand, there have been commotions on the parts that are of high importance but are already rare finds in the market. Thus, in Peoria Scion Store, we ensure to have it available for you.

We understand the need for your Scion cars to have the car parts that are of best-fit for it to work well. This is why, we continue to save in store all these valuables just for you. You won’t even get it at a higher rate than what the market usually offers. In fact, you would be surprised at how affordable our products are. Just like our cars.

We only ensure the highest standards of quality when it comes to the products we offer. An added bonus for you is the affordability. You can never ask for more.

Repair Services

Nothing beats the knowledge of the expert car mechanics of Peoria Scion Store when it comes to the brand.

What better team to fix your Scion cars than the ones dedicated in the brand right? Trust only that our team is the best people on the job.

Our team of specialists have years of exposure in the field. They have years of training and experience that made them the number one to call when it comes to repairing especially your Scion vehicles.

We also do car repair services for other types of cars. Our technicians simply know it all.

Customization and Modifications

One of the best parts about having a car is to be able to dress it up to fit an individual’s personality. We do understand that.

This is why, Peoria Scion Store also provides modifications on your Scion cars. We customize it to look whatever you want it to look. Nothing beats a car with a personality. And we simply aim to please.

Call us now to avail our affordable services.